Working hard to get things ready for the art market tomorrow.  
This is my first public showing and I'm a bit nervous.  But Jeanne from Not Your Family Jewels, convinced me to come out and give it a try.  I've been working for over a week to get as much made and put together as possible.  Along with the flower pins and headbands, I've also made some stationery sets and notebooks with hand-carved stamps and all.  There's a food truck rodeo coming to town, and the Art Market at Vega Metals is having a special art day.  I'll be set up from 12:30-4:30 on Hunt Street, so come on by!!  I'd love to see some friendly faces and who can resist the 40+ food trucks that will be set up all over with their enticing smells and unusual cuisines?!  
Above is the new look of my boxes and below is a peak of my hand-carved and stamped handmade stationery sets, SO CUTE!  If you love paper as much as I do :)
9/2/2012 07:17:36 am

So proud of you. Hope it went well for you yesterday. Wish I could have come out to support you. I would like to buy one of the headbands for Samantha if you can find time to bring some over for me to look at? They look so cute and I know she has a few that she wears.


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