This week has been so busy!  I am exhausted beyond belief, but a good exhausted!  We had the CO this week, well the sub CO, which just so happened to be a much loved brother and sister who recently moved from our cong to help out another cong.  It was so great to have them back for the week and enjoy a busy week of activity.

Emy and Kenna were really well behaved as they tagged along in service all week.  So many great pointers were given during the meetings for service.  I think you're doing something right when your kids are so eager to preach to people that they want to take every door, but seriously!  I want some doors too!  It's pretty funny to see me and Kenna kinda fight each other over who's door it actually is.  Applying the advice given has landed me with a good call.  I can't wait to go back and hopefully help plant some seeds of truth with her!

But with all the extra activity this week and a grad party on Saturday as well as taking my sister shopping and running here there and everywhere, I'm spent.  I feel like such an old lady!  We had beautiful mornings in service, and each day, Emmy conked out as soon as I put her in my wrap, so it was very pleasant.  I'm really enjoying this spring weather.  Even though the afternoons burst into the mid 80's to 90, you wouldn't know it from the morning.

I finally wrote my talk this afternoon.  I have been stressing over it for quite some time and it feels good to finally be done, and I think I wrote it well...cough.

We had a packed out house today for the Sunday talk.  The CO shared the video, which we had already seen when we visited D Drive the other month.  Thankfully we already saw it, because we had to sit in the back room which had a crazy glare on the glass.  I wish they announced how many we had in attendance, because every seat was filled, even the extras from the storage closets.  It's so encouraging when it's a packed house.  We had friends visiting from the Tagalog, Chinese, and Spanish congregations.  After the meeting, we went in service.  We are trying to make Sunday service a part of our routine.  And 2 houses into our day the rains came again.  Sigh. Wish we had umbrellas.  Next week we'll have a better day I'm sure!

So the other day, hubby bought me a sewing machine!!!  It's so cool with over a hundred settings and tons of other cool features, it also does quilting!  I can't wait to get it out of the box and get busy on my super long list of craftings that I want to sew.  But I am determined to read the manual all the way through and watch the how-to video before I start tinkering with the machine and mess something up, like I did with my older machine...cough. It's super light too, which means I can carry it around and tote it back and forth to my sewing lessons which I will one day get from a sister in my MiL's congregation who gives lessons.

We went strawberry picking this week....twice.  YUM!  And we may be going again sometime this week with some friends in the hall.  Needless to say, I've eaten my fair share of berries this week!  

So that about sums up the entirety of what I can remember.  This week is going to be super busy too.  I need a vacation :)
Being silly with some friends at a graduation party :)
5/20/2013 12:41:51 am

Wow. You have been busy. Can't wait to see Em


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