My sweet little girl isn't much of a little girl any more :(  It seems every day she says or does something that screams "She's not a baby any more!"  If I didn't just have a baby, I'm pretty sure I'd be thinking "I need a baby RIGHT NOW!"

A few weeks ago, little miss lost her FIRST TOOTH!  She is excited beyond belief!  She tells every person she comes in contact with that she lost her first tooth.  She even yelled it at the starbucks window.  When people ask her what she's going to do with that tooth (implying tooth fairy) she responds..."Put it in a jar and keep it forever" and they give her a strange look...and I just smile.  
If losing her first tooth wasn't enough of a blow to me accepting that she's growing up, this past Monday she learned how to tie her shoes!  It was very spur of the moment...
"Mommy, teach me how to tie my shoes"
"Ok, make an x, tuck one under, pull it tight, make a bunny ear, travel the string around the ear and tuck it under, now  pull on both bunny ears and there ya go!"
"Ok, like this?"
And that about sums up her 5 minute mastery of tying her shoes...
She can also breeze through the Bob books like it's the simplest thing in the world to read.
She's awesome! 
 I can't wait to watch her succeed in school!
Speaking of school, she starts Kindergarten in -2 1/2 months-!  I'M NOT READY!  But girlfriend certainly is!
5/9/2013 02:08:25 am

Awwwww! She is growing by leaps and bounds every time I see her. And getting prettier each time too ;) Losing that first tooth is the hugest milestone when you're little. I got taken for an Icee when I lost mine- making it quite memorable 30 yrs later.
I can't believe she starts kindergarten soon! And tying ahoes too! Where did your baby go, & this big girl come from?!?? Thats impressive that you taught her to read b4 school. That headstart will help asvance her quickly. And she'll ALWAYS love reading too! Good job!


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