I'm the absolute worst at keeping my kids updated with a yearly photo.  Now don't get me wrong, generally I'm pretty good at snapping the random daily photos, but when it comes to a yearly photo session, one devoted to getting an actual "good shot" I'm pretty terrible.  I finally ordered E's school picture the day before they expired.  And as I'm looking at them and deciding who we will send them to, I realized that Kennakat hasn't had a photo to send out in years!  Seriously, she was 17 months old at her last photo session by herself.  And even when we had our awesome photo session with Faces in Focus, now Silver Feather, I never ordered wallets of her to handout to family and friends- tell me what was I thinking?!.  So today, as the sun was shining, I thought I'd take a few minutes and snap some shots of my little miss sunshine.  And of course I love sharing, so I hope you enjoy!  I also tried to get a few of our newest little bundle of sweetness, but she was hungry, naked, cold -not happy with mommy, so we'll have to try again later...
Boy do I love her!
2/24/2013 05:30:57 am

Such a ray of sunshine she is. Love her hair long like that and the little spattering of tiny freckles on her cheeks. She really is a very sweet little girl isn't she?

2/24/2013 05:52:19 am

Love her.

Jeanne Peters
2/24/2013 06:06:18 am

What a cutie-pie! Thanks for sharing the pix!

Binky Williams
2/24/2013 06:29:00 am

KennaKat is absolutely adorable. Loved the snapshots SpeckledKat. Perfect day to let our littles Miss Sunshine shine shine shine

2/25/2013 04:07:33 am

Love these! They definitely show her cheerful personality. :-)


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