Baby stuff has been taking over my blog for a while now so I thought I would not speak of anything baby except that I'm now 7 weeks and 1 day until due date *big gulp*.  I will post pics of all the things I've been working on later...

So the other week, I took the kids in for their annual eye exam that they get free from Costco every year.  At the end, the lady accidentally started to write KennaKat's prescription (she has perfect vision).  As she was about to throw it away, I said "Wait!  I can get free sunglasses for them with that!"  So she also wrote Ethylwolfe a scrip (for his perfect vision) and off we went to the eyeglass department to pick out their free pairs of sunglasses.  After having way too much fun trying on some crazy stuff, and a week went by, we ended with this...
Very excited kids wearing free custom lenses valued at $140 each that we paid $0 for!  Every year they'll get a free pair which is pretty cool, I'm sure they'll mess them up before a year rolls around :)

So today started E's 3 week winter break!  I'm excited to have him home again.  I need to get busy planning sleep overs and play dates.  I'm sure he'll want to have another "all-nighter" again soon, and I'm sure he'll be the only one that lasts past any significant amount of time.

Last night I stayed up till 4am watching the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice, while making a mobile for the baby.  I shouldn't have started it so late, but it was sort of a celebratory "woohoo" for not having to wake up at 7am for the next 3 weeks to take the boy to school.  I went to bed when the husband was getting ready for work.  Sad.  I slept for 4 hours, played with the kids all day and am officially pooped.  I kinda feel like watching it again tonight.  Somebody slap some sense into me!

Next week E is giving his first talk!  He's so excited, and I'm even more excited for him!  He's been practicing for 3 weeks now.  The night he got the assignment, he immediately sat down at the meeting and started reading.  He has been wanting to give talks for forever and is so excited!  KennaKat wants to give talks too...perhaps in a few years, (I'm not looking forward to having to write talks for her).  I'm thankful that he got his assignment before my due date.  I was a bit worried about that.

My memory is shot, so forgive me if I have already shared the below pictures...

A few weeks ago, Kenna and I spent the day together downtown.  She had to ride the mechanical horse at Dolly's, I didn't have any quarters, so the owner kindly gave her some.  So kind.
One day in E's class, KennaKat and I were helping out with science and they were investigating wind.  The science kit included balloons and E's teacher gave Kenna one to take home.  30 minutes later, this is what she created...
Her name is Balloonie and she looks like a giant cucumber.  She wears a baby doll dress and a bonnet and has a heart sticker for a nose.  She carried this thing around everywhere and I loved it!  I guess I need to buy this girl some more balloons!  So, while we were out around town, she accidentally left it somewhere.  I didn't notice, and several stores later, neither did she.    On the way home I was thinking "hm, didn't she have Balloonie with her?"

Then I got a call.  One of the ladies at Bien Amie, a children's consignment store downtown, found Kenna's Balloonie and remembered that she was playing with it that morning `6 hours earlier` in the shop.  She happened to have my number from a purchase I made.  How she was able to remember us and match my name to the balloon beats me, but she did and we were ever so grateful!  

I'm trying to plan some fun crafts to do with the kids over winter break.  If you've got any fun ideas to share, please send them my way!
12/19/2012 08:47:37 pm

I LOVE balloonie!! She is adorable...and clearly your daughter is MORE adorable!!

Binky Williams
12/19/2012 11:28:46 pm

Absolutely loved this post! I'm excited about E's first talk. Can't wait to hear it. Love KennaKat balloonie baby. Free sunglasses valued at $140 is awesome. You are the best Mommie ever. Can't wait to see your craft projects. Love u all.

12/20/2012 05:48:19 am

The pictures are too adorable. Congrats on the talk...and there will be mannnnyy morrreee! Excited to see the new little one!

12/20/2012 05:50:01 am

KK is getting prettier every day if that is possible. I know you are enjoying this break with them. Hope to see you next week - Al and Patsy have said they will bring me and they think there will be a place for my chair. Can't wait to hear his talk.


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