This weekend we got showered with so much love from our friends and family!
We made it through back-to-back baby showers, saw friends that we don't get to see every day, had lots of laughs (I almost peed my pants more than once) and heard exciting news.  My heart is overloaded with love, and that's the best feeling in the world!
Here I am at 38 weeks and 1 day.  At baby shower no. 1.  Feeling like I'm going to pop!  Photo courtesy of Tricia Jane.  I'm completely uncomfortable most of the time and it's hard remembering that I can't squeeze in and out of crowds as easily as I used to :-D

Up until the showers I was overwhelmed with the thinking "I can't have this baby yet!  I'm..Not..Ready!!!"  So now that the weekend is over and the exhaustion is slowly fading away, I'm thinking more and more like "yeah, I got this, Bring it baby!!"  I still feel that she needs to wait a few more days though.  I'm frantically working to get our room and baby/KennaKat's room finished.  Thank you nesting urges!  As KennaKat's room is smaller and they will be sharing spaces, I've decided to switch our rooms.  We don't need a lot of stuff in our room, so why not?  But along with the switching, I'm busy trying to get things to finish up our own space.  There's no time till you're less than 2 weeks to due date to decide that you need to finally change everything in your room! (I guess I've been sick of looking at the clutter for so long, I figure if I don't do it before the baby comes, I will have to stare at that same clutter for an even longer amount of time.  I'm not talking about room accessories either, I'm talking mattress, bed, desk -the whole majority of the things in our room.  So it has been fun searching endlessly on the net looking for sweet deals.  Tuesday evening, after searching for weeks for the sleigh bed that I wanted, I finally found one on Craigslist!  But it was an hour away and not really what I wanted to spend a good portion of time doing.  So I asked the guy "where could we meet?"  and we decided on 20 minutes down the road!  And then Hubby ended up meeting them at 8 at night!  So I didn't have to do any of the driving and my bed arrived the same day I found it for a great buy!  I'm so happy!  Our memory foam mattress finally got marked down last week so I quickly rushed out and purchased that from Costco before they sold out.  So things are working out quite well!  We still need a queen box spring so we'll hopefully pick one up today from the mattress place.  Then the bed can be set up and I can check it off the list!  Woohoo!  I can't wait until everything is done!  

Yesterday I spent a good amount of time moving hubby's clothes out of his dresser and all of baby 3's stuff into it.  It was so fun going through baby clothes, blankets, shoes, etc and finally putting them away.  That big pile of baby stuff in the living room is nicely shrinking!

In other news, I had my weekly check-up yesterday.  2 weeks ago I was dilated 1 cm, as of yesterday I am still dilated -1cm-.  Not really good news in the "baby can be here any day" fan club.  But the dr explained that if you've had kids before, your cervix can be thinning on the inside and the dilating on the outside is the last thing to change.  So here's hoping!  And for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, here's a nice visual guide...  Next week I have another ultrasound to find out how large she really is.  Estimated size at due date is 10ibs.  Ugh.
Bri came down on Friday with the girls and gave me a pedicure.  It will be nice to be able to look at my feet during delivery and not want to barf at their unsightliness!  I have had no swelling (except with the incident at the assembly a few months back) and as of Monday, my feet have officially turned into fat sausages, no matter what I do (besides stopping and putting my feet up...who has time for that??)  They wont go down.  Not cool.  It is making this remodeling job quite a pain.  My progress is puttering along at a very slow pace.  Fortunately the kids are great for fetching things up and down stairs all day!

I packed my hospital bag yesterday.  I actually packed a hospital bag!  I've never done that before.  With no.1 I think we threw a shirt into the baby bag as we headed out the door.  And the next 2 days we were constantly calling family to bring things up with them.  Tooth brush, shampoo, etc.  With no.2, we waited till the night before the scheduled induction (2 weeks after due date) and threw a small amount of stuff into a bag -shirt for me, pj pants for hubby, and a toothbrush!  But this time, I'm ready!   I even have hospital gifts for the kids.  Toiletries are packed so I wont smell and I even for the first time in 3 kids, purchased nursing pajamas!  Woohoo!  I think maybe I'm becoming a grown up, but I'm sure that feeling will pass soon enough.  I'll actually wear my own clothes in the hospital instead of those ugly, butt peaking, duckling printed gowns.  First of all, it took many years to learn that you were even allowed to do something like that in a hospital, and a few more years to decide if I cared or not.  So yes, clothes for me are packed!  can I get a "whoop-whoop!"?

For a week or so now, I've been waking up super early.  It started with 6am and slowly through the week moved back to 3 am.  Really not cool when you can't even fall asleep until after midnight.  I've been so exhausted it's nearly brought me to tears.  Today I woke up at 5.  That's way better than 3, but still, if the alarm doesn't wake me, it's too early.  The kids have caught on to something too because every night/morning, they come in to cuddle.  Something tells me they know that soon the majority of their attention from mommy will be lost for a long time. :-(  Which makes me so sad to even think about.

As I type this, the first cuddler has just entered my room.  So I will end this long rambling, get in some quick cuddles before our day begins, and share shower pictures later.
Binky Williams
2/6/2013 09:33:07 pm

Loved this post. Would love to stop by and see the new living spaces when things are less hectic for you. Love u

2/6/2013 09:36:05 pm

You look adorable!

2/6/2013 10:20:44 pm

You DO look completely adorable! You're so cute pregnant!

2/7/2013 01:31:40 pm

What a sweet post. Love the dilation chart. Always wondered what that "magical" 10 cm was all about...... Now I know! And u truly look beautiful :-)

2/8/2013 01:56:27 am

I wish the picture I took of you from the back had turned out. It was too blurry - you don't look pregnant at all from the back. I don't think I have ever seen anyone carry a baby this far along so much in the front before. Can't wait to meet Emerson Kate (assuming Brandon doesn't come up with anything else). :)


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