It's no secret I like letters.  I like writing letters, I like receiving letters.  I have always been in love with paper, in love with the novelty of sending things in the mail, and boy oh boy does getting a special envelope in the post just make my day!  I love the texture, the colors, the formality of having the address just so.  I love the colorful stamps. I love making my own envelopes and stationery, and buying all the fun sets I set eyes on  I love raising that little red flag on the mail box, or slipping it into the big blue postal boxes because I know that will get it there sooner.  I'm in love with the whole idea behind mail and letters, and writing.

I have always been a big pen-palist.  Ever since I can remember really.  I remember my first REAL penpal.  Her name was Sharon.  She lived in va.  My mother went up to visit her friend while her son was in the hospital, and Sharon's family opened up their home to my mom and other friends to stay while being there for their friend.  My mom saw they had a daughter my age and thought maybe we'd make good friends, and encouraged me to call her.  And so I did, "hi, we haven't met, but my mom says we'd make good friends, want to be penpals? " "sure!" She said.  And thus it began.  Our long road of penpals and a great friendship!  We met a few months later at the convention and hit it off splendidly.  And our penpal history lasted for a little over 10 years.  As we grew older, we switched to email, and sometimes we had so much going on in our real world that we'd forget to write, but until the end of her life, my best friend Sharon and I were still penpals.  I still have most of her letters.  I miss her dearly.  Maybe that's one of the reasons why I love writing letters so much.  It gives me that little reminder of a great friend lost.

Over the years, I collected more penpals.  My friends in the congregation were my penpals.  The friends I met in other cities were penpals.  My boyfriend/husband was my penpal.  Wherever I went, I collected penpals.  I wrote letters, and people wrote back.  It was grand!  Along the way, some quit writing and new ones began, letters got lost along the way, but you better believe, if you were my penpal at some point in time, I remember you and our friendship. 

I still have about 60% of the letters I've received.  when I was younger, I stored them in a plastic black brief case.  I felt very top secret and spyish.  Now I keep them in boxes, love notes are in a box inside a box.  Some of them are in a wooden box in my room, some in the basement, most postcards are in an album.  They're all over, and when I see them, they make me happy.

So now I get to the point of my post, I want more penpals!

When I scan the internet. I've become more and more aware of the fact that there are others out there like me.  Ones that would love the idea of writing a letter along with receiving one.  I almost thought about joining a penpal site, but I thought that would be creepy.  So here it is, my wanted ad:

WANTED: Penpal.  Do not worry about not having anything to say, you dont have to be excessively witty or funny.  Just a pal of pen.  These are my requirements though....
1. You must be a servant of Jehovah.
2. You have to be willing to write back.
3. You can't be a dude.  I'm married and the only dude that gets my letters is my hubby.

And that's it!  If you'd be interested in giving it a go, please email me your address and I'll send you a letter.  Oh and if you live over seas,  even awesomer!

Nancy Rhoads
10/25/2016 05:00:51 pm

Sally G. Has been wanting me to meet you! She said you moved not too far from us in Fluvanna county. Come work with us in Palmyra if you get a to meet you. Nancy Rhoads


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