Last night was a major "I don't feel like cooking night".  
Somehow we ended up at Kanki, thanks to my pregnant lady cravings...
I say smile and this is what I get! SHEESH!  It's like pulling teeth!
Trying not to smile since Brother didn't smile...
The kids menus turned into cool chef hats, I thought that was a nice new touch since the last time we've been there.
Kenna made me wear her hat and insisted on taking my took 10 minutes and the hat falling off 20 million times, but she got it.
The most entertaining part to me is watching the kids when the fire comes...
And that's our night!  I didn't feel full until the last bite and then I felt like a 100 ton whale.  Ahh pregnancy.  We ended the night by picking up some ice cream on the way home.

Love impromptu family outings :)
10/2/2012 10:20:21 am

What a beautiful family. Both of the kids are gorgeous as are their parents. Which Kanki did ya'll go to? I've been to both and enjoyed them. The last time was two years ago when our elders and their wives took all the pioneers there for dinner. What a nice treat that was. They officially removed me from the pioneer list effective August 31st. Made me very sad but I appreciated them not doing it before then. Dwight and I went out to see Ennis today after my acupuncture visit. She was having a very good day after being un-responsive for awhile. She talked to me, we got to tell each other we loved each other many times, she asked about Kelly, she ate some ice cream, etc.. I'm trying to not get my hopes up too much so I'll just be thankful today was a good day and I got to see it and be a small part of it. Thank you so much for the card from the coast. That was so sweet of you dear friend. Take care of you and the little munchkin percolating in there. Can't wait to meet her. Any names yet? There are so many beautiful names out will know the right one when it comes to you. Bisous


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