We've all done it once or twice, forgotten about a camera or a memory card, thought you downloaded pictures that you didn't, found treasures you didn't know you had.

We brought our water/sand/shock proof camera with us camping a few weeks ago.  Our charger and camera had been put aside shortly after our move last summer.  Hubby decided he wanted to bring it along on our trip.  We found it.  Hunted for the charger. Charged it.  Brought it along on our trip.  Forgot to use it until we started packing up.  Everyone does that right? Right?!  I always have good intentions of taking pics, recording memories, yada yada.  Well, as we were packing up I handed the camera to the kids and said take some pictures.  They didn't feel like it, but I got a few.  

A week or so after getting home, I downloaded the pictures to the computer and up popped these guys.  Almost a year old, these have been sitting on my memory card, lost and forgotten about....
Clearly Ethylwolfe was taking all of these pictures...it cracks me up when kids take these super close up pictures of their face :)  Caught on camera annoying his sister by taking pictures of her all over the yard.  ah good times.

Also, there were the pics from our family beach trip September '12.  Hubby took Ethylwolfe, KennaKat, and Lani out on the Kayak and snapped these of the kids.
That about sums up the contents of the memory card...more pictures, unprofessionally taken, but moments in time forgotten about. 
marlan mcminds
7/10/2013 11:03:48 pm

awwwww!!! love them

7/12/2013 10:05:46 am

Love finding old pictures you never knew you had.


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