In April, husband decided to build the kids a swing set, they've really missed being able to swing since the move last summer.  They really love having it, so does everyone else...
So glad the Hubby built a new swing set for the KIDS to enjoy... :)
(sorry for the poor picture quality, this was taken through the window with a screen in it)
5/10/2013 10:52:32 am

What a really nice swing set. It looks as good as any you buy. Avery is looking at them like they are crazy! :-) I love to swing but those rubber seats kill me. I prefer a nice strong board that doesn't squish me so bad. I noticed that Marlan is sitting in such a way that it doesn't mash her hips but her legs - that might work. Where is it sitting - front yard or to side of front yard? Really nice work Brandon. Good job!!! When am I going to see Emerson? Hmmm?

5/12/2013 04:32:59 am

If you sit on the front porch staring forward you are looking at it. We cleared some of the woods out of the front too. It sits between 2 hammock swings :) I think he did a great job too!


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