Girly Girl alert
Last night was parent night for meeting with KennaKat's teacher.

First off, let me just say, I think this year will be such a great fit for both kids and teachers.

I walked into the Kindergarten room, and the teacher said "I'm not giving a formal orientation because we have all already met, and all the things I have to say I say on my blog, so please, sit down and paint a picture for your child and explore the room."

yeah...good fit :)

So I happily sat down and painted a picture for KennaKat and wrote her a note about the hopes and dreams I had for her this year.

Then I explored the class.  Snooped at KennaKat's work.  Eaves dropped on a parent saying 'how nice the art materials were', and the teacher saying "I believe in only the best quality materials, because our little artists deserve quality products to produce quality work"...words out of my own mouth!

yep, good fit!

I talked to the teacher and asked how KennaKat was doing thus far.  She had very positive things to say.  She said KennaKat is a leader in the class.  Always contributing and being thoughtful.  At the beginning of the school year, when they were discussing different responsibilities that they would have each day such as 'line leader' and 'table washer', KennaKat raised her hand and asked "what about the person that helps cheer people up...if somebody's sad, or having a bad day?"  And so a new role was created...

The 'Feel Better Person".
The teacher also said that KennaKat is a great artist.  For their first major art display, they created self portraits.  I really liked KennaKats :-)  She probably spent hours on that upper lip shading ;-)
So even though I miss my girl I'm happy to hear she is doing well.  Today starts my volunteering in the school.

Looking forward to it :-)

She also brings me gifts home every day that she makes for me throughout her day.  I love it!

On another note, isn't this baby just the sweetest?!
Tonight is 3rd grade orientation.  And today Ethylwolfe is taking his first test.  It's the first part of the big reading test for 3rd grade.  He's EXCITED.  Weird kid ;-)  I'm not worried, reading is his specialty!  As I kissed him good-bye, I said "have fun on your test!" He giggled.
Jessi B
8/8/2013 12:33:08 am

You're such a good mama. An awesome example for others including myself :)

Tishri Gibson "TiTi"
8/8/2013 05:26:56 am

Thanks for keeping me updated through The Speckled Kat, loved reading about the baby's.

8/9/2013 11:27:03 am

As always, I love your blog. Because of the love you and Brandon share, your kids are all very special. Love you.....


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