As of a few days ago, summer became officially over for this household as my little man went off to Second Grade.  I'll admit that him starting second grade has been a lot harder for me to handle than him going into first.  I'm sure it has a lot to do with my being pregnant and all those hormones, but I was very emotional about it all.  Not to the point of tears, but just an overwhelmed sense of lost time and him growing up before my eyes.  And maybe the fact that I officially am down to the last year with my girl before she starts school next year.  I have a very vivid memory of second grade.  I did a lot in second grade.  I got chicken pox in second grade, missed 2 weeks of school, missed learning about the continents and cheated on my first and last test as I hadn't learned anything about them.  I had my first school crush in second grade.  I  like to think about all the things my son will learn and remember this year, every day I wonder, will he remember this? or that?  The good moments or the bad?

A few days before school started, we went shopping for school supplies.  It helped us to get excited about school.  Ok, it helped ME get excited for school.  The boy needed new sneakers, this I knew, but I was not prepared with how much his foot has grown since I took him shoe shopping in the spring.  He went from a 2 to a 4 1/2!  In 3 months!!  That is entirely too much growing!  As his school supplies their own school supplies, I don't get to do all that fun paper sniffing and office supply shopping, so we stuck with the basics...a new backpack, lunchbox, thermos, and food containers.  Guess what his theme was this year?  Sonic.  I know, biiiig surprise there!  Target didn't have what we were looking for, so we were off to Toys R Us.  I'm glad we went there, because they have better deals on school supplies.  Buy a backpack and get a free lunch box, buy a food container and get the 2nd half off, buy a crayola item and get 2 free.  So we racked up.  I also picked up some school supplies...for home :)  KennaKat got a new thermos too and a new backpack that was discounted to $7, it's tinkerbell, and glittery, she loves it, and was cheered up about having to wait one more year before she gets to start school.

So here we are, on our first day, becoming a second grader!

The "I'M GOING TO SECOND GRADE!!!" First morning car ride!
The "why do we have to do this every year?" look
The "Yep, I've hung up my stuff, my name's first, I'm a second grader" sonic pose
And look at that adorable proud sister of a second grader :)
It's official, I have a second grader.  I hope this year is great for him.  I plan on being in his class a lot, I am NOT a class parent this year for obvious reasons, and I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do when I have a new born... I guess get a really awesome wrap and carry that baby with me everywhere! 
7/24/2012 12:29:19 am

Aww - as I read this it made me look back on my second grade. Amazing the things I remembered and things I didn't remember. hmmm I smell a post in the making for my blog. :) He really is growing up too fast isn't he?

7/24/2012 03:54:44 pm

The first day of EVERY grade is awesome and scary and a milestone!! CONGRATS to your little man!!


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