We had the visit of the CO and his wife last week.  It was a very special treat!  Kenna and I made it to every meeting for service and we enjoyed working with sister CO twice!  Hubby took a "slick" day on Friday and joined us for the day.  Everyday we had 50+ meet for service and on Saturday, we had over 100!  I told them that they really brought the heat because every day it was over 90 degrees...every inch of me was sweating!  KennaKat was quite the trooper as she endured day after day with me.  The talks were so encouraging and uplifting.  Jehovah knows just how to give us our food at the proper time.  My goal is to Regular Pioneer and Brother CO gave me just the encouragement that I needed.  Hubby gave an amazingly awesome talk Tuesday night, everyone is still saying "wow!"  He gives great talks and this one was hands down the best one yet!  I finally made it to a Pioneer meeting on Saturday.  Since the new arrangement of letting the Auxilary ones sit in on half the talk, I've missed every.single.one.  I'm always sick.  This time I was determined to make it, even if I had to crawl in on my hands and knees!
I love her new hairstyle! Kenna's hair is crazy! She needs to keep that hat on!
Saying Good Bye on Sunday. Not a flattering one of myself, but everyone else looks great. I love how hubby looks like he's posing for GQ magazine.
KennaKat's new Best Friend TT
5/8/2012 03:30:33 am

Wish I could have heard his talk. Glad you made it to Pio meeting. They are always special.


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