Thursday, February 14th at 5:26 pm my little cuddlebug was born!  All 9ib 21in of her!  She is such a wonderful, well natured, sweet baby!  Labor and delivery was absolutely crazy!   But we'll save those details for another day.  Today I'm just sharing a "few" pictures from our time at the hospital.  It's been hard to do anything but snuggle her every chance I get, but here they are, just a glimpse of our newest addition.  ( I typo-ed and spelled addiction -guess that's true cause I'm  completely addicted, hooked, in love!)
Sleep deprivation has kicked in...over 48 hours and no sleep
finally leaving the hospital and off to see the world!
Binky Williams
2/20/2013 02:58:44 am

Thanks for the update. absolutely loves the pictures. Can't wait to see Miss EM

Jeanne Peters
2/20/2013 03:07:23 am

What a cutie-pie! And is that blond hair (and a lot of it!) that I see? I can see why you are "addicted" to her! It looks like the whole family feels the same way! So glad she is finally here and all are doing well! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!

Jessi B
2/20/2013 03:09:23 am

Yay!!!!! Love the pictures. She is so cute & chunky! Love her already. Love all you guys :)

2/20/2013 05:39:45 am

She's BEAUTIFUL! Just looking at the pics makes me wanna sniff newborn, there's no better smell in the world!

2/20/2013 08:39:05 am

I am so glad I was able to see and hold her today. What a delicious little bundle she is. Your are so right - she is a total snuggle bunny. Made me remember the days with my own when I would pretty much hold them all day when they were this young. Good memories.

2/20/2013 07:58:46 pm

She is beautiful! Looks like she is going to be a blondie too. Love the one with her little tongue sticking out. You look beautiful too, mama! Glowing!


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