The past few days have been pretty crazy...  I need a little silly in my life right now so I thought I'd share some very random pictures that I forgot to blog about.  So enjoy and I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Back in August we had some friends over for pizza night after the convention, at some point, I'm not sure when or how it got started, but at some point, the toddler game "Break the ice" was brought out and the dads ended up in some pretty serious break the ice tournaments.  There may or may not have been some tears involved, I'm not at liberty to say...
So this is boredom at it's finest... took E for his 7 year check up and we were stuck in our patient room with nothing to do for about an hour.  We were bored out of our minds.  At some point I started braiding my hair in the front...it's so long I couldn't resist.  Well E got such a big kick out of it, we get pretty into it for a while.  The next thing we know the dr comes strolling in while I'm looking like this and doing strange man noises.  I quickly tried to compose myself, but I wasn't able to do it quick enough.  The dr got quite a chuckle out of our silliness.
While at the beach with the family, we got to engage in a bit of family worship with the whole family.  P&K brought some fun wigs and dressed E up as Moses for our 10 Plagues reenactment.  Cutest mini old man ever :)
The funniest looking Aaron EVER!! :)
And, the most adorable Egyptian Girl Ever!

And that sums it up for me!  Good night :)

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