The kids were playing so well together today, I  slipped away, pulled out my crafts and began painting.

I've been crushing on Geo Prints lately, so thought I'd give making my own a go.

I have a nice stash of canvas bags left over from KennaKat's party (I over-ordered..on purpose!) and wanted to make a bag for KennaKat's teacher who is due in April.  Also left over from the party is a plethora of fabric paints!!

I love this so much I'm not sure if I want to part with it! heehee :)

Emy has been such an awesomely chill baby all week!  I'm so thankful for this!  Hopefully she's reverting back to her previous chill self!  I'm hoping to keep up my craft a little each day plan to keep my inner chill going.  We shall see if these two chill girls can keep it up ;-)
Make SOMETHING each day!--That's my new motto!...well, was my old motto, but somehow it got lost along the way.

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