I'm in complete perplexity over where October is going?  Is it really just 3 more days before being gone?!  Even though I'm not too happy about how quickly time passes by, I am not sad to see October go.  I'm anxious for November and December to come with our Special Assembly day and CO visit.  I'm looking forward to a nice big helping of spiritual food!

I really appreciated the Wt for today.  Such great reminders from the SC!  I appreciate the love they show for us with the reminders and by putting things so simply, you have to want to not notice in order to not get it.  

Also thinking of the storm that's moving up the coast.  Thinking of all of the friends who may go through tough times this week.  The possible wind damage, flooding, power outages, and snow...I hope everyone stays safe, warm, and dry.

To end on a high note, what do you think of KennaKat's new look?  For the past 3 days, she is quite frequently seen looking just like this.  Her name is Dr. Charming (or something like that) an she's the alter ego of KennaKat.  Quite hilarious.  And of course I can't look at her without cracking up :-)  Never a dull moment with this one!

10/28/2012 02:05:19 pm

October is a bittersweet month for me for many reasons. I can't say I'm wishing it gone however because time flies by so fast these days as it is. Enjoy the remainder of this pregnancy and the upcoming gift of life to come. Can't wait to meet the new one. Bisous

10/28/2012 09:03:30 pm

Love the picture. Yes she is a wonderful and special girl.


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