Today's creation wasn't entirely made today.  In fact, I started this project over the summer, and my friend Heather helped me do it, while we were at the beach.

I'm not the best knitter out there, but I really wanted to knit a satchel for KennaKats BlaBla bunny, Fleur; that was similar to Emys Bunny Pierre.  I LOVE Blabla's creations, they are adorable! However, they cost an arm and a leg, so I cannot frequent their shop.  Emy's bunny Pierre, came with a cute green satchel that he takes with him on his excursions in the south of France to collect truffles with.  Fleur wanted a purse too!  So I decided knitting a bag wouldn't be too difficult.  However I'm terrible at knit/purl/knit/purl.... Seriously, I can do one knit and switching back and forth just isn't gonna happen for me....hopefully one day soon I'll get to take a knitting class and fine tune my skills a little more... And I really like the style that knit/ purl makes.

So I knitted one line, them passed it to Heather who purled the other side for me.  It didn't take long. And we had a nice strip of knitted purse.  I then began making the strap.  I used a French knitting spool for that part.  However it took for-ev-er!  So I put it aside.  Now that I know how to crochet chains, I decided to whip one up today and added it to the satchel.  Lickety split.  I sewed up my bag and voila! A little satchel for Fleur to use on her excursions with hubby Pierre.  I can't wait till KennaKat gets home and I can give it to her!
Don't they look so cute with their matching satchels?  Hers is bigger cuz she's a girl, girls need to carry along more stuff ;-)

Ok, enough about dolls....

On a brighter note, it seems the babies fever has let up a bit, and it's been a few hours since she had the runs, so hopefully that's over with!  Also, my new favorite Pandora station is Sixpence non the richer - kiss me.  Love that song.  This station plays all my favorite nineties hits! Yay!  I feel so old, the nineties ended 15 years ago.  When did that happen?  Don't answer that, I can do math....

So, ok, that's all for today, ta-ta!

Ps. I did get to grab my free venti 6 pump chai latte with whole milk, hold the water, today!  Because it was free it made it taste that much more Devine! Mmmmm!
1/23/2014 04:16:15 am

Good job! I could never get the hang of crochet or knitting. My mom has tried teaching me but its just easier to have her do it, :) glad the babe is feeling better

1/24/2014 06:45:22 am

Thanks Vanessa! Cool that your mom knows how to do that stuff! I wish someone had taught me when I was younger, then maybe the whole yarn world wouldnt seem so mysterious to me now...of course, maybe that's why it lures me in and gives me the motivation to want to learn. It took many...many attempts for me to get this far, and in no way shape or form am I skilled....yet! :)

1/24/2014 06:29:41 am

Love It. I'm sure Kenna does too.


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