Hi guys! Long time no see!  It has become incredibly difficult to blog anything these days...lack of motivation, time, new baby, inability to formulate thoughts, sleep deprivation, colds and viruses one after another...all viable contributors for web silence lately.  So I thought I'd make this short and sweet and get something posted before I get side-tracked and send another post to the drafts department....
Last month we had our circuit assembly.  We stayed with B's bro and our sis in law who are expecting their first little lovely in the summer!
We got great news, the new assembly hall in SC is finally done so this was to be our last visit in the sports arena!  Yes, there was a loud roar of applause!  Our spoiled butts can't wait to get back to Salisbury!  We're also the first Circuit in the rotation so we'll be going to our next CA in the beginning of September!  Woohoo!
Baby turned 2 mo old while we were there and she was so wonderful!  I was actually able to get something out of it!  I have a feeling the convention this summer will be a different story with a wiggly 6 mo old...
Modest baby is saying "please, no more photographs"
I didn't get a shot of the entire family together...hopefully soon I'll think to do that!...mommy brain stinks!
5/8/2013 07:42:03 am

Good to see you back too! Emily is getting so big. Hope you are enjoying her.


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