Well, I'd hate to say it was a bust, but that's pretty much what it was.  The first 30 minutes went really well, with 2 flowers sold and a pack of notecards, then after that there was no business.  People just weren't buying anything- from anyone.  By 12:30 the crowds had dispersed, food trucks pulled away, and by 2 all of us had packed up and gone home.  Oh well.  I did get more people interested in custom orders....I guess I really need to get my etsy shop up and running again.  The hubby suggested that I make my prices more expensive on Etsy so that these people will turn around and buy at the market.  We'll see.  I guess I need to take pictures and get things listed, as well as have a set Saturday that I sell at the market. Ugh.  Sounds like a lot of effort.

On the plus side, the day went much better personally.  The morning was nice and cool, they set me up in the shade (even still, I got a sunburn, haha, poor pale me!), I had a jug of ice water, fruit and peanut butter sandwiches to keep me stable.  Also, I was set up next to a friend that was there painting faces -she got lots of business, finally, so I'm happy for her!  And KennaKat was there to keep me company and talk to onlookers when I felt they needed a cute little person to talk to instead of an adult thinking "please buy my stuff, please buy my stuff!" in a casual, "buy , don't buy, whatever" attitude :-)

I liked my table set up too :-)  If I'm going to do another market, I really need to plan ahead of time and start making an item a day.  I keep killing myself the week of, frantically making things to display.  I have no time to get anything done, except take and pickup Ethylwolfe from school, make dinner, and slightly entertain KennaKat.  It's exhausting.  One thing that stinks about working from home is that even though you're working all day and late into the night, people still expect you to do stuff around the house like a person who is doing nothing.  And I HATE cooking.  But the hubby has been supportive and tolerant of my exhausted, pregnant self.

It's pretty funny, at the beginning, KennaKat did NOT want any type of body painting at all.  But Jamie won her over by painting a butterfly.  She liked that so much, she got a rainbow and flowers, then on her other arm, a peacock feather.  After that she was talking about getting her whole face painted.  If we stayed all day, she would have had a full body painting I'm sure!

So that's our day.  I may set up in October, we'll just have to wait and see!!

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