I'm in complete perplexity over where October is going?  Is it really just 3 more days before being gone?!  Even though I'm not too happy about how quickly time passes by, I am not sad to see October go.  I'm anxious for November and December to come with our Special Assembly day and CO visit.  I'm looking forward to a nice big helping of spiritual food!

I really appreciated the Wt for today.  Such great reminders from the SC!  I appreciate the love they show for us with the reminders and by putting things so simply, you have to want to not notice in order to not get it.  

Also thinking of the storm that's moving up the coast.  Thinking of all of the friends who may go through tough times this week.  The possible wind damage, flooding, power outages, and snow...I hope everyone stays safe, warm, and dry.

To end on a high note, what do you think of KennaKat's new look?  For the past 3 days, she is quite frequently seen looking just like this.  Her name is Dr. Charming (or something like that) an she's the alter ego of KennaKat.  Quite hilarious.  And of course I can't look at her without cracking up :-)  Never a dull moment with this one!

Photo: Courtesy of KennaKat -I told her to make sure she got my belly and she did. Guess next time I'll tell her to include my face as well :-)
I'm 24 weeks pregnant!  Well over half way now and definitely feeling "larger".  

So a few things that I have learned and other updates:
 really, to think you'd still have things to learn even on your third seems kind of crazy (I like to think I'm a humble pregnancy "know-it-all" open to suggestions, but until given new information, like to thing I'm familiar with all things "pregnant").

1. No 2 pregnancies are the same...even for yourself, crazy.
2. I felt like an idiot today - I googled pregnancy calendars to find out what official month I was in because the weeks and months don't really add up, I was curious to see what the "experts" said on the matter.  Little did I know, even though you carry the baby for "9 months" you go by 4 weeks to the month, which puts me at 7 months today and the term ending in the 10th.  I was not ready for this.  Already I feel like this pregnancy has gone by too fast, and instead of thinking I'm about to begin my 6th month, in reality I've lost a month completely!  Now you could reason and say that since I am just learning the new "10th month" rule, really I didn't lose a month at all...I say "I'm pregnant and I don't feel like being reasonable" :-P  I'll be sad about losing my month and feeling too close to the end if I feel like it!
3. I hate being pregnant.  I don't see how anyone could love this feeling of constantly being uncomfortable and changing and being moody and hormonal and tired and feeling like someone hooked a vaccuume up to my insides and it's draining everything out of me that I could possibly have in there...
4. I love the feeling of growing life inside of me.  Yes, I know I just said that I hate being pregnant, but anyone has to admit that feeling a tiny living being inside of you has got to be the most amazing thing you could ever experience!  I feel sad for those that want to have kids but physically can't.  Though I envy their prebaby bodies and all the things that babies do to destroy your body while growing inside of you.
5. The leg cramps are back!  Yep, I woke up in the middle of the night last night in piercing agony from the leg cramps that come every time I'm pregnant.  No fun.
6. I hate you heart burn, it comes early and lasts till I give birth.  It is terrible.  I hate it.  Enough said.
7. I'm still terrified of having to have a c-section from my placenta previa.
8. The majority of people are nicer to pregnant people.  I've never really been one of them, though I think I might try harder to be in the future. (Wait, Wait!! I'm not saying I'm a jerk to pregnant people, I just treat them with the same courtesy and kindness that I would anyone, nothing extra special)  But I do enjoy the extra dose of sugar that most people bestow on ladies in my state, it makes me feel special, especially in my current hormonal state.
9. OBGYN dr's and nurses do not treat pregnant people with extra sugar.  But they always offer a helping hand to sit up after your rather embarrassing "down there" exams.  I don't need a helping hand.  I don't like them.  And I always find myself being shocked by the gesture and then pausing for a moment to weigh the options :Accept their hand after they so rudely poked and prodded your tender girl parts and feel awkward accepting help where you don't know how to. OR help yourself up and snub their efforts.  I always choose the first one, but it's still very awkward. 
10. My lap is slowly disappearing.  I miss my lap and the ability to hold the kids on it comfortably.  Now they sit on the lower part of my upper legs and lean back...thus leading to point #11
11.  I have never had a more tender belly in any of my other pregnancies than I do in this one.  Any tight clothing, pressure, weight on my stomach is incredibly UNCOMFORTABLE!  I've felt the discomfort in the other pregnancies.  But this time it takes my breath away and makes me want to cry in pain.  Sooo. Not. Cool.
12. At my next dr visit, I get to have another ultrasound.  I've been very spoiled with all of the extra ultrasounds that I've received during this pregnancy.  And I'm loooving it!  I'm also really hoping that my placenta will have moved to it's required position.
13.  This baby is super wiggly.  I felt her sooner than any of my others.  At 2 1/2 months, she was doing somersaults in there and it felt like I swallowed a very fluttery butterfly.  I have always been able to feel my babies a lot sooner than the drs say you can which is awesome.  The other 2 were right around 3 months.  This girly is wiggly just like her sister.  I'm starting to think  that either girls in general are more active and fast-paced than boys OR the more likely story, girls in this family are genetically predisposed to being feisty.  You decide.
14. This pregnancy wins the awards for most painful, highest quota of carbs craved, highest level of nausea, and overall biggest pain in my butt.  But I am relishing it even more than my previous ones, I don't know why, maybe because I'm getting "older".
15. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to invest in depends after this 3rd birth.  Already on more than one occasion I've forgotten to "clench" when sneezing and peed my pants.  My bet is that I wont be able to clench anything after this baby comes sliding out.
16. I get to take the wonderful gestational diabetes tests at my next visit.  Something is telling me that it's going to come up positive this time.  I don't know why that may be -perhaps the amount of sugar and carbs that I crave have something to do with that?
17. I still haven't settled on a single baby name.  All of my favorite names that I had saved from being pregnant with Ethylwolfe are all used up by people we know.  So I'm still searching... suggestions are appreciated, as long as you don't mind my laughing at them :-)

So that wraps up my current pregnancy state.  I just asked the hubby to take a shot of my belly, this is what he got...

Happy weekend everybody!!
Seriously, can someone tell me where the last 5 years have gone?  My baby girl turned 5 on Tuesday and I have been trying my best to ignore that fact for 2 days now.  But she's reading and writing and acting so grown up, it's hard to pretend she's not getting older every day.  She had to get her booster shots on Wednesday and she was so brave.  By the last shot, she released one crocodile tear down her cheek as she squeezed my hand.  No tears, no screams, just bravery.  She says I can brush her hair hard now because she's 5 and won't cry or say ouch, because she's big.  I don't want her to be big, I want to keep her this age forever, have tea parties and play make-believe.  It's sad and amazing to watch your kids grow up.  And I can honestly say that KennaKat becomes even more amazing and awesome every day.  I enjoy every moment we get to spend together and am so thankful that her birth was "after the cut off" and she gets to spend another year with me before beginning school.  She has such a sweet and kind disposition and is so incredibly thoughtful and wonderful!  Full of life and spirit and imagination, this girl is FUN!  I love you my sweet girl!  Please stop growing up so quickly!
4 Years
3 Years
2 Years
9 Months
3 Days
2 Weeks till due date!
I love you my sweet girl!  You are my sunshine!




The past few days have been pretty crazy...  I need a little silly in my life right now so I thought I'd share some very random pictures that I forgot to blog about.  So enjoy and I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Back in August we had some friends over for pizza night after the convention, at some point, I'm not sure when or how it got started, but at some point, the toddler game "Break the ice" was brought out and the dads ended up in some pretty serious break the ice tournaments.  There may or may not have been some tears involved, I'm not at liberty to say...
So this is boredom at it's finest... took E for his 7 year check up and we were stuck in our patient room with nothing to do for about an hour.  We were bored out of our minds.  At some point I started braiding my hair in the front...it's so long I couldn't resist.  Well E got such a big kick out of it, we get pretty into it for a while.  The next thing we know the dr comes strolling in while I'm looking like this and doing strange man noises.  I quickly tried to compose myself, but I wasn't able to do it quick enough.  The dr got quite a chuckle out of our silliness.
While at the beach with the family, we got to engage in a bit of family worship with the whole family.  P&K brought some fun wigs and dressed E up as Moses for our 10 Plagues reenactment.  Cutest mini old man ever :)
The funniest looking Aaron EVER!! :)
And, the most adorable Egyptian Girl Ever!

And that sums it up for me!  Good night :)
A Friend of ours is due in a few weeks so of course a baby shower was in the works by a few of her friends and family.  It was meant to be a surprise, but her hubby isn't that great at keeping secrets *sigh*  I didn't take a ton of shots but I did manage to get a few, though they aren't that great.  The party was set up under some large trees and it was so pretty and eclectic!
Terribly terribly blurry!  But it's the only one I've got of the area...
KennaKat thoroughly enjoyed having her friends there to play with!
KFC was incredibly patient to open her gifts!
Here they are opening my gift!  BC was sooo helpful with opening presents, I don't think she knows of half the things they got that night :)  hopefully she'll have time to go through it all before the baby comes. :)
2 of the 3 onesies I made for her.

They received so many personal and handmade items, it was very sweet!

They also got tons of baby blankets...this is going to be the warmest baby ever!!
A Leah Sandwich, squashed between two pregnant ladies :-) One due in 2 weeks, the other due in 19 weeks!

The evening ended with a nice fire!  

What a great evening for someone who thought she wouldn't get anything for this second baby... my how wrong she was :-)  We love parties and celebrating, especially new life!  Happy shower Heather, can't wait to meet your little girl! :-D
Last night was a major "I don't feel like cooking night".  
Somehow we ended up at Kanki, thanks to my pregnant lady cravings...
I say smile and this is what I get! SHEESH!  It's like pulling teeth!
Trying not to smile since Brother didn't smile...
The kids menus turned into cool chef hats, I thought that was a nice new touch since the last time we've been there.
Kenna made me wear her hat and insisted on taking my picture...it took 10 minutes and the hat falling off 20 million times, but she got it.
The most entertaining part to me is watching the kids when the fire comes...
And that's our night!  I didn't feel full until the last bite and then I felt like a 100 ton whale.  Ahh pregnancy.  We ended the night by picking up some ice cream on the way home.

Love impromptu family outings :)