We are finally back in Salisbury!!!  (WOOHOO! HAPPY DANCE!!!)  And we were the fist circuit to attend this years Circuit Assembly.  The weekend went by really quickly.  The kids were perfect.  The program -SO REFRESHING and ENCOURAGING!!  It was a great weekend and it was so nice to finally be "home" again!  Our newly formed Circuit is so large that we have already been divided into two weekends.  It was sad missing half of the friends.  So, They added TV's and gliders in the mothers room.  Such a loving addition because when you have to nurse, you don't have a choice but to go in there and it was relaxing and less stressful to not constantly be thinking "I'm missing the program...I'm missing the program...I don't wanna be in here, I'm missing the program!"  Each morning we were running late and didn't have much time to get settled before the program started.  So each day I ran to the nursing room to feed my baby when the music started.  The first thing I did was turn the TV's on and bump up the volume.  Then I settled in, relaxed, and fed my baby.  Because I was relaxed and enjoying the program and not trying to rush her, we finished up a lot quicker and were back in our seats in no time.
By the end of the weekend I was so completely exhausted.  It seems like my level of energy is so low these days, doing the smallest task wears me out.  No fun.
Some quick highlights....we had between 1200-1300 in attendance.  4 Baptised (it has only been a month since the convention, so this was no surprise), and we have somewhere near 450 pioneers for our circuit!  Last year it was about 250.  Each week in our congregation we are having more and more brothers and sisters join the pioneer ranks!  It's so encouraging!  I think we have about 35 pioneers in our hall and many many more regular auxilary!  The master has called for more workers, and they are answering that call!
I didn't get many pictures, but I thought I'd share just a few....
The newest family photo...wish Emmy was looking up!
I love her sweet face :)
And that's all for now!  Good night :)