Dear Readers,
How are you today?  Life over on my end is pretty darn lovely.  But I'm busy, super duper busy.  After much thought, I have decided to take a break from my blogging journey, at least through summer, so that I can have one less thing to think about, and more time for the kids and the ministy.  Thank you for following along on my journey over the last year and a half.  I think I've come pretty far and having a record of it is pretty cool.  I started my own business, WOW. I've overcome fears.  I've achieved goals.  My kids have grown like 10million inches. We've done lots of fun crafts.  And life moves on.  Thanks for being a part of it.  And even more thanks to all of your lovely comments and encouragement.  Love you guys!  I'll be seeing you!
You know when you have a long list of things to do, but no motivation to do them?  

That's me this week.

My list is long, like WAY long and I'm totally ignoring it.
I'm playing the procrastinator gig right now, and I'm totally loving it...except I know it's all going to bite me in the butt by the end of the week...but that's a long way off, so I'll deal with that when I have-ta.

{You'll probably see a whining post at the end of the week about how I had to rush to get a million things done, and a 'where does the time go' nostalgic thing, but for now, I'm free birding it and doing everything I want to do! (which is a long list within itself)}

Here is a sneak peak of something that I'm doing that's not on my list of things that I need to do, but on a whim yesterday, decided to do.  Can you guess what I'm making?
No I didn't paint this, but I'm doing something with it.
When you have kids, especially a boy and a girl, you realize just how expensive kids can be.  Especially when you can’t pass clothes down to the other sibling, because guess what?  That hot pink tutu don’t look so hot on a boy and girls aren’t too keen on wearing dinosaurs.

So what to do?  Well, the ever so frugal mom that I am looks for ways to reuse and really stretch every buck that I can.  For instance:  When my son outgrows his chucks, I keep them for Kenna to slosh around in our muddy, dog poo filled back yard.  And those hiking boots?  Well, they are good for girls to hike in too.  Another easy one, gender neutral rain boots. 

Passing down things like those at this age works well, and being more future-conscious when I make initial purchases for my son, can really work to my advantage when I can pass them on to my daughter.

The latest gender-neutral-conscientious decision that I made was for my kids' sandals this year.

On one crazy insane 5 hour shopping trip at the mall with the kids, I settled on these tan saltwater sandals for KennaKat.  I LOVE saltwater sandals!  They are the most comfortable and durable sandal on the market for kids.  Plus they are soft real leather and adjustable meaning my messy kids can wear them anywhere and they wont break in a week or 2, nor will they give them blisters.

I spent another month searching for a good leather sandal for Ethylwolfe.  All boys sandals are so ugly and thick and heavy after they get past size 12.  My search for a sturdy, light-weight leather sandal that could fit my sons skinny/bony foot was coming up empty.  Then one day I found a site selling Kenna’s same sandals on a boy and I thought ‘HEY! Those don’t look toooo girly.  I wonder if I could pull that off on E, without getting him teased?”

Well, after meddling around with the idea for another few weeks, I finally ordered a pair for him.  His first concern when pulling them out of the box was “Are these girls shoes?”  “NOoooo!”  I said.  Then I showed him the picture of the boy online and said “SEE!”  So he looked again and said, “Hey, these shoes have gold buckles, they must have cost a lot of money to have GOLD buckles!” I thought to myself for a second and said “You’re right!  How cool is that that you get to have GOLD for buckles?!?!”  Then he giggled and proceeded to love his shoes, because pirates have to go on treasure hunts for gold, but he’s got his on his buckles.  Have I said how much I LOVE this age??  Oh and his shoes were a hit at school.  No teasing and he can run, climb, and jump with the rest of them!

So my shoe crisis has been averted this year.  I’ll be buying these for as long as I can and passing them along to Miss KennaKat.

What do you think?  Gender neutral Score! or am I setting up my son for a major tease fest???

Last month we went camping at Grindstone Campground in VA.  Once we got off the major highways, the scenery was BEAUTIFUL!  Mountains, rolling hills, picture perfect rivers and streams, it was lovely!  If I wasn't the one driving, I would have taken lots of pics on the way up.  I found lots of places where I was saying to myself "I could live here".  Makes me even more determined to move to Asheville some day...Or Washington State!

The camping group was a pretty good size, but due to threats of rain, many cancelled :(  We still had fun anyways, and I even remembered to take a few pictures.  None of them are great, but hey, at least I remembered to use it a few times, even though I lost my camera 20 times every day.
Our campsite Sunday Morning. The rain stopped and the fog rolled in
Day 1 and 2 Setting up Tents and nature art
Day 2 The watering Hole and Flowers It was a really nice day when the sun was out, but every time the clouds covered the sun, brrrrr it got really cold!
Day 2 or 3 Cute Kai
Day 2 Captain Morgans Shawn
Day 3 Dads playing with Tonka Trucks and Hot Wheels
We brought the kids' DS' and told them that they could only play when it rained...they were SO happy every time it started pouring rain!
Tent City! We put the screen house over our tent to ensure extra dryness :)
Dirty Smores face
Hello Kitty and braided pig tails
One of the kids took this pic of KFC
The right way to eat a Smores
The kids played with this bug for the longest time then decided to take a picture of it to remember it forever
Despite the rain, we had a great time.  Can't wait till our next camping trip!
We had the visit of the CO and his wife last week.  It was a very special treat!  Kenna and I made it to every meeting for service and we enjoyed working with sister CO twice!  Hubby took a "slick" day on Friday and joined us for the day.  Everyday we had 50+ meet for service and on Saturday, we had over 100!  I told them that they really brought the heat because every day it was over 90 degrees...every inch of me was sweating!  KennaKat was quite the trooper as she endured day after day with me.  The talks were so encouraging and uplifting.  Jehovah knows just how to give us our food at the proper time.  My goal is to Regular Pioneer and Brother CO gave me just the encouragement that I needed.  Hubby gave an amazingly awesome talk Tuesday night, everyone is still saying "wow!"  He gives great talks and this one was hands down the best one yet!  I finally made it to a Pioneer meeting on Saturday.  Since the new arrangement of letting the Auxilary ones sit in on half the talk, I've missed  I'm always sick.  This time I was determined to make it, even if I had to crawl in on my hands and knees!
I love her new hairstyle! Kenna's hair is crazy! She needs to keep that hat on!
Saying Good Bye on Sunday. Not a flattering one of myself, but everyone else looks great. I love how hubby looks like he's posing for GQ magazine.
KennaKat's new Best Friend TT