A sister from the hall posted this pic on facebook of KennaKat at the meeting yesterday.  If you can't tell from my new banner, it's my favorite dress of hers right now and I'm totally in love with the pattern!
The plan was to take some pics of the two of them looking super cute in their meeting clothes, but I forgot...story of my life!
So here I am, TheSpeckedKat's stubbornness has resulted in venturing away from Blogspot and trying out new locations.   This is Weebly.  I hope that I enjoy it here.  Getting to know the lay of the land is always difficult.  I decided to explore what else is out there instead of forking up money for what should be free...I'm cheap like that.  Even though $5 really isn't anything, why should I have to pay for webspace?  Owning online real-estate isn't really my "thing".  We'll see how it goes.  So far, so good!