My apologies for being so incredibly sporadic and amiss with my blogging for a really long time now.  I'd like to have a good excuse, but mainly it's hard to feel like it.  I'm busy, tired, and feel so large and uncomfortable all.the.time.  As I've said before, I hate being pregnant!  Love the baby, hate the wait and pain associated with it.  I've got 6 weeks to go.  Husband teases me and says 8 -oh boy, I think I can not bear it.

So I have something pretty amazing to share, that I am very disappointed in myself for waiting so long... My boy gave his first talk last Thursday!!!  Yes, call me one incredibly proud mama!  The video I took is sooo terrible!  And I can't upload videos onto my blog, but I will share some pictures of our night.
Why is it so tough to get a good family shot??! You can't even see his face, and KennaKat is working on a heart, sigh!
Dorks! I say smile and this is what I get! ugh!
He did so wonderful!  and yes, I cried!  I did really well holding it in until the last paragraph and then the tears started flowing.  He told someone else that he could see me crying the whole time...I don't know about that!   When he finished, I thought I couldn't bare it any more.  I was jealous that he was going to go back to his seat at the front instead of coming back to me who wanted to hug him and tell him what a great job he did.  But as soon as he got done, he quickly walked back to me and into my arms.  How happy I was!  And of course more tears rolled down!  Husband also had a talk that night.  Yes I was proud of my guys!  It's funny because originally husband was assigned to the #3 school, I told him that he needed to ask to be switched, but he said he would just go back once E was done with his part.  I warned that I would tell everyone that they needed to follow him back.  But the day before the meeting, the school overseer called him and told him that he was switching him to the front because of E having a talk up there too. Ha!  Take that husband :-P  So he was nervous to have everyone there.  The family all came and some much loved friends.  It helped make our night so much more memorable!

Since then we've had visitors at our house every day until now.  I'm so tired!  I purchased a lot of crafts to do with the kids during the break, but we've hardly started, the talk took up so much of our time and thought.  Now that the house is empty and calm, we can get started.  I'll share pics of them later.  I'm down to only having one week left with E before he goes back to school :-( 

More pics to share late