A Friend of ours is due in a few weeks so of course a baby shower was in the works by a few of her friends and family.  It was meant to be a surprise, but her hubby isn't that great at keeping secrets *sigh*  I didn't take a ton of shots but I did manage to get a few, though they aren't that great.  The party was set up under some large trees and it was so pretty and eclectic!
Terribly terribly blurry!  But it's the only one I've got of the area...
KennaKat thoroughly enjoyed having her friends there to play with!
KFC was incredibly patient to open her gifts!
Here they are opening my gift!  BC was sooo helpful with opening presents, I don't think she knows of half the things they got that night :)  hopefully she'll have time to go through it all before the baby comes. :)
2 of the 3 onesies I made for her.

They received so many personal and handmade items, it was very sweet!

They also got tons of baby blankets...this is going to be the warmest baby ever!!
A Leah Sandwich, squashed between two pregnant ladies :-) One due in 2 weeks, the other due in 19 weeks!

The evening ended with a nice fire!  

What a great evening for someone who thought she wouldn't get anything for this second baby... my how wrong she was :-)  We love parties and celebrating, especially new life!  Happy shower Heather, can't wait to meet your little girl! :-D
10/8/2012 08:05:04 am

What a lovely venue for a lovely shower. Under the beautiful Linden tree in one of my favorite places in the world. All the little girls are so pretty and will be teenagers before you know it!!! Kenna looks especially pretty. :)


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