Let me begin by acknowledging that I should have written this over 2 weeks ago but I'm a procrastinator...
My little girl is 6 years old!  And she is quite thrilled by that fact.  Me however am never happy about the reminders of the advancement of time in relation to my children.
I will save you the sad melancholy of my emotions by omitting my woes and sadness about it all and skip right to the picture show and story...
Dear Beautiful Girl, 
Here you are just born and simply beautiful.  All 9 ib and 3 oz of you!  I was 2 weeks over due with you.  My hips felt like they had been ripped to the other ends of the earth.  I had decided to go all natural with you.  No Epi, no nothing. (I made the same decision with your bother but chickened out at the 6 cm mark and took the epi.)  Well, When I hit the 2 week over mark, they had to induce me.  They gave me pitocin again and it took them 3 attempts to finally break my water.  Labor wasn't that bad and when I started pushing, you were out in about 20 minutes.  All I remember is yelling "OUCH this hurts! GET OUT!!!" and with one huge push there you were....well your head at least, then it was easy going from there.  It was an amazing feeling that I'll never forget.  You were born at 6:30 on the evening of our meeting, we let the brothers know and they announced it, they screwed up your name so badly, it was pretty funny, the brother was from Africa.  Friends kept asking "what did you name that baby?!" haha  I think he also announced your brothers birth, again, another funny name mix up!
Above and Below, you are 3 days old!
9 months!
Here you are at 1 year old.  Look at those eyes!   To this day, those eyes melt my heart.  It's as if they can pierce into peoples souls.  It's incredibly hard punishing anyone with that face looking back at them....but I did it ;)  You were to this point, my most difficult child.  You weren't bad, in fact you were a complete sweet heart, but you were tough.  Of course, anything is tough when you have a 2 year old running around demanding attention.  So I can' judge fairly, but your early years were not my best.  I was exhausted.  But I loved spending my days playing with you and your brother!  You two were a blast!  And you played incredibly well together.
2 Years!
3 years old with her cousin Delani
4 Years old! Tinkerbellin' it up at Biscuit's fairy party You cut your hair off that summer :-/
So here you are, 6 years old!  I have really enjoyed this wild and crazy ride!  You are so incredibly sweet and thoughtful!  You're the best big sister Emy could ask for!  And your brother, even though he doesn't want to admit it, really enjoys you.  When you were in my womb and I was imagining the person you were going to be, I had high hopes for you, and you have met and exceeded them beyond belief!  You are sooo creative, the things you can create and make up blow my mind.  Your sweetness is unmatched.  I was hoping for a girly girl and tom-boy package and boy did I get it!  You have always been so fun to dress up and have tea parties with, but you can romp around and get messier than the messiest of them!  You are fun.  Thanks for the ride my sweet girl!  I feel like 6 is the big mark between little kid and medium kid.  You aren't a baby any more and some days that's hard to accept.  But it is quite enjoyable to watch you grow!  I love you my sweet girl!  Enjoy being 6!
Rocking out to air guitar!
I asked you what you want to be when you grow up and this is what you said "A pioneer and a mommy!"
Where do you want to live?  "With you!"  You want 3 children. 
6 years have flown quickly by, we are best girls, and I hope we always will be.  I love you my sweet girl!
Mommy :-)
marlan mcminds
11/8/2013 07:10:55 am

Why do I always cry when I read what you write about your children. Perhaps it's because I see the love shining through. She is truly a delight and I love her sweetness and girly ways.

11/8/2013 07:34:23 am

What a beautiful entry, one she will be able to look back on & enjoy. She truly was one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen. She still is lovely & so truly sweet. Know you are proud of her & Alex and how close they are. Give sweet Em a big kiss for me. Love you.


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